Adam Katz, President

Is a writer and Australian shepherd enthusiast.

Sandra Heuberger, Fundraising Coordinator 

I was introduced to the Hazelton Skating Club when my daughter, Callie, joined CanSkate in 2019. I have been on the board ever since, and feel very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful, hard working, enthusiastic team.

(photo to come)

Deanna Giguere, COVID Protcols

Is a teacher at M.G.A. in Gitanmaax, and is an avid skating fan who is enthusiastic about youth sports and opportunities in our community.

Tara Williston, Secretary

My 6 year-old son began CanSkate this year and within a few weeks of lessons his skating skill level had far surpassed my own! His enthusiasm and perseverance have inspired me to dig out my skates and get practicing so I can keep up with him.

Graeme Pole, Webmaster

Skates with two left feet, so it is better for all if he volunteers off-ice.